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Ornamental Kale flowers and plants

Ornamental Kale flowers and plants are a hot item these days. This plant has been called the superfood. At Mondu in the fall, we use kale for our planters to beautify planters and outdoor spaces. When we decorate our planters, people who are passing by always ask us, can we eat this plant? The answer is no. The flowering kale flower and plants are used for ornamental purposes only. We use kale as a cut flower for our bouquets or planters outdoor. When we use kale in our bouquets, we read more

Thanksgiving flower arrangements

Thanksgiving will be here soon and you will be in need of some Thanksgiving flower arrangements . What are your plans? The best thanksgivings are filled with lots of family and friends, delicious foods, and don't forget the Thanksgiving flower arrangements and d©cor. Family is incredibly important, and Thanksgiving would not be the same without a close family. This year our celebration will be smaller than usual because of COVID 19. Most likely, some families will not even get ... read more

High-end silk flower arrangements

High-end silk flower arrangements. read more

What does it take to be a florist

What does it take to be a florist? read more

How to clean a vase to store fresh flowers

How to clean a vase to store fresh flowers Flowers are a beautiful gift to receive. At some time in our lives, we all have received a bunch of flowers. As a florist having clean vases is just as important as having fresh flowers to sell.  No matter how new the flowers are, if the vase or vessel you use to display the flowers is not clean, the flowers will not last long. Here are a few tips to follow if you want to enjoy your beautiful fresh flowers for a long time.  To display ... read more

Simple DIY wedding

Getting engaged is an exciting time for any couple. It is good to put together a plan in place for the wedding. To help organize the wedding plans, a wedding planner can be an excellent guide to managing the event. If a planner is not in the budget, you will have to plan the wedding for yourself. The first decision you will have to make is the type of wedding you will host. Some weddings are elaborate, and some are simple. The kind of wedding you will host will depend on your ... read more

Flowers you may find on a science fiction show

Flowers you may find on a science fiction show. read more

Fresh flowers in Toronto

Fresh flowers in Toronto available at your local florist read more

High-end flowers verses low-end flowers

High-end flowers versus low-end flower. read more

Florist and flower shop

Florist and flower shop help to make people happy. read more

Luxurious flowers for beautiful spaces

Flowers is a part of a luxurious life style. read more

Modern plant arrangement

Modern plants arrangement are beautiful in any space and plants also help t clean the air. read more