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See what is trending at our store.


See what is trending at our store.

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Remembrance Day flowers

Remembrance Day is November 11 every year. It is a day when we remember all those who lost their lives so we can peace and freedom. Many young men went to war and never came back to their friends and family. They made the greatest sacrifice by giving their lives in battle. We mustn't forget what these men and women have done for their fellow men. The poppy flower is a symbol of remembrance day, and we should always buy a poppy and wear it to remember the veterans. Many private ... read more

The art of a Compact bouquet

Flowers arranging has come a long way. In the past, the ideal flower arrangement was a triangle style fresh flower arrangements designed with carnations, mums, roses, and leader fern. Florist designed the triangle style flower arrangement in floral foam. Today flowers are more stylish. The Triangle arrangement is not fashionable anymore. This style of flower arrangement is only used for funeral flower arrangements in traditional flower shops. The art of the compact bouquet ... read more

Indoor house plants

Indoor house plants are plants that thrive inside or indoors. These plants do not need direct sun to grow. Most indoor plants need to be watered once per week. Here are some indoor house plants that are good for indoor spaces and avaailable at your local Toronto florist. Peace Lilly Peace Lilly is a plant with delicate oval leaves. The leaves are on the top of the stems. The flowers are forming to the touch, and the shape of the leave is heart-shaped. The color of the flowers is ... read more

Garland tabletop fresh flowers Garland tabletop fresh flowers. Fresh flower arrangements are created to make us feel better. Who isn't happy to receive a new cut bouquet hand-delivered from a local florist? Garland tabletop fresh flower arrangement is an elegant flower display that runs along the table's center to create a spectacular show. We ... read more

Peacock feathers

Being a designer, you get to express your creativity with flowers and accessories. Peacock feathers are an accessory that brings a flower arrangement to another level. As a floral designer, you get to design all kinds of flower arrangements for many different occasions every day. We às florists get to express people's emotions every day with our local fresh flower delivery. We like peacock feathers because the colors are beautiful and they have a lot of character. Peacock feathers read more

Winter outdoor planters in Toronto

The weather is getting colder now, so it is time to start thinking about winter outdoor planters. In Toronto, the winters are frigid, so most plants are dominant except for evergreen plants.  Since the winter is not suitable for outdoor flowering plants or most outdoor green plants, there is not much greenery to soften the landscaping. For this reason, it is good to have winter planters around the outdoor environment.  Winter outdoor planters in Toronto are usually designed with ... read more

Mini orchid plant design

Do you want to give a beautiful plant as a gift? How about a mini orchid plant design. Orchid plants are miniatures orchid plants that range in sizes from 6 inches to 15 inches. The colors are red, pink, yellow, orange, red, purple, and white. Orchids are easy to care for; just water once every 1 to 2 weeks with a small amount of water. It would be best if you kept mini orchid plant designs out of the sun, but a room with bright light is best for display. Orchid plant leaves are at ... read more

Home décor and flower arrangement

  A home is a place of comfort and security for any family. We all want our home to look beautiful and to represent our personality. Getting our first apartment is such a big trill. With home décor and flower arrangement, you can express your style even though you are Yonge and you do not have a lot of money to furnish our space. A great place to buy cheap furniture on a budget is Ikea. Ikea has so many choices when it comes to home décor. They also have vignettes that show ... read more

Christmas celebration and traditions

Christmas celebration and traditions is the biggest holiday in the world. It is a time for family and reflection and gifting. The most important thing about Christmas, however, is that we celebrate the birthday of Christ. All over the world, Christians celebrate Christ's birthday. Each culture celebrates Christmas differently, but the one thing all Christians have in common when celebrating Christmas is Jesus Christ's birthday. Every country celebrates Christmas differently. The ... read more

Fashionable fresh flowers

Have you ever seen a fashion show with the production of a floral theme with fashionable fresh flowers? Fashionable fresh flowers are a big part of the fashion industry. Flowers are a big part of the fashion industry. Floral prints have been designed in fabric and textiles for centuries. Fashion television and fashion file were aired every week back in the day for years, and seeing the fashion show produced was always a delight, mostly when the floral theme was at the center of the ... read more

Long-lasting flowers

Long-lasting flowers Long-lasting flowers are a beautiful perishable product that we all enjoy receiving and giving. The average price for a small high-end bouquet is around one hundred dollars. A few necessary steps are essential to ensure the flowers' longevity, such as a clean vase, high-end flowers, and proper care if you want the bouquet to last long. For a bouquet to last long, it is essential to start with the freshest and best quality long lasting flowers. The newer the ... read more

Ornamental Kale flowers and plants

Ornamental Kale flowers and plants are a hot item these days. This plant has been called the superfood. At Mondu in the fall, we use kale for our planters to beautify planters and outdoor spaces. When we decorate our planters, people who are passing by always ask us, can we eat this plant? The answer is no. The flowering kale flower and plants are used for ornamental purposes only. We use kale as a cut flower for our bouquets or planters outdoor. When we use kale in our bouquets, we read more

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