Highend flowers

Corporate flowers

Before, I explain the difference between high-end flowers versus low-end flowers. Lets talk a little about the flower industry.Many consumers think that all flower bouquets are the same, but this is not the case. How do you distinguish between a flower bouquet designed with high-end flowers or low-end flowers.?

Flowers are available to the consumer in many ways. You can purchase flowers from a florist or flower shop, which is the best place to buy your flowers., from a flower market, supermarket: gas station or a drugstore.

A professional florist is a highly trained industry specialist that studies floristry at a professional institution. Some people go and open a flower shop because they think that it is an excellent hobby or dream that they want to fulfill. Many who have had this dream quickly realized that the job is tough and that you need the training to run a flower shop.

A professional Toronto florist will guide you through the buying process and give you the right advice. If you are getting married or someone from your family has died, would you not want to get professional advice from a florist? I think the answer is yes. 

So, let us get back to the high-end aspect of flowers. A high-end florist is a flower shop or studio with a unique upscale product to offer the consumer. A high-end florist will use the newest trends in the floral industry to create their designs. The high-end florist will carry premium products for sales like hydrangeas, roses, orchids, and other seasonal and imported products.  

The top florist will also design their flowers in the best modern containers as vessels for their beautiful creations. High-end flowers will also have experience in many floral design styles, such as modern flower design, architectural flowers, and decorative flowers.

Low-end florist is a shop that carries low-end flowers such as low-end carnation, daisies, mums, and lower grade flowers that do not last long. The presentation of the flowers, which is essential, will also represent the quality of the shop. Low-end flower shops will wrap bouquets in plain paper. You will not get the extras such as care instructions and packagings like high-end paper and ribbon in a low-end flower shop.

The next time you want to order flowers,  put some thought into the purchase of the flowers. Buy your floral bouquets from a real florist and experience the professional difference. Think about what message you want to convey to the recipient’s high-end flowers or low-end flowers.