Ornamental kale flowers and plants

Kale fall planters

Ornamental Kale flowers and plants are a hot item these days. This plant has been called the superfood. At Mondu in the fall, we use kale for our planters to beautify planters and outdoor spaces. When we decorate our planters, people who are passing by always ask us, can we eat this plant? The answer is no.

The flowering kale flower and plants are used for ornamental purposes only.
We use kale as a cut flower for our bouquets or planters outdoor. When we use kale in our bouquets, we arrange the flowers in a compact hand-tied bouquet with complementary flowers such as hydrangeas, roses, and orchids. Kale flowers are beautiful because they almost look like giant roses.

This flower has many petals or leaves that make up the flower. For a great bold look, open the plant by bending back the petals.
Kale, as a cut flower or as a plant, comes in man colors and variety. The kale colors are white, dark purple, light purple, and green, and white. Kale plants are grown in 4-inch pots, 6-inch pots, 8-inch pots, and 10-inch pots.

Usually, there are several plants in a pot that creates a large display.
When we design fall planters, we mix the kale plant with fall mums, dusty miller, ornamental peppers, ivy fountain grass, and branches.

Kale plants are longlasting in the cooler temperatures, but they will also last in warm weather but not in prolonged warm weather.
Keep this plant moist at all times because the leaves will start to turn yellow to brown if the plants dry out. If some of the leaves turn yellow or brown, peel off the dead leaves, and the plant will look fresh and new again.

Kale plant is also the right choice because you are designing an arrangement that requires a big full lool, especially if you are planning an event with a limited budget.