Silk flowers

Silk flower display

As summer ends, we say goodbye to the warm weather and welcome fall. This summer was not the greatest because we could not spend time getting together with our friends and family. I notice that more people have been putting a lot more time into their home.

The sale of plants has gone up, but there was a shortage of summer plants. As a company that designs container garden, it was a struggle to get the variety of plants that is generally available for purchase from our suppliers. Most supplies were sold out of plant early this year for summer.

Since we are spending so much time at home, if a high-end silk flower arrangement for your home is on your mind, we would love to make a beautiful silk flower arrangement for your home or office. We make our silk arrangements with real touch silks and high-end silk flowers that are unbelievable real, and we also design high-end silk flower arrangements for weddings if a bride wants silk flowers instead of fresh flowers.

High-end silk flower arrangements have come a long way. I have seen silk on some of my favorite shows, and the arrangement is impressive.Silk plants are also a good option for green decor if you do not have a green thumb.

I recommend silk boxwood plants for clients that do not have the budget for seasonal planters. Square or rectangular plants with multiple boxwood is a welcoming scene when you drive up to a building.

The best place to display a high-end silk flower arrangement is on a center table, a console, or a reception desk. We recommend that you book a consultation to view your space or email pictures of the display You will need to provide the room’s color scheme that the flowers will be displayed. The more information you provide to the florist, the better.