Fresh flowers (Simple Diy wedding)

Fresh flower arrangement  (Simple Diy weddings

Getting engaged is an exciting time for any couple. It is good to put together a plan in place for the wedding. To help organize the wedding plans, a wedding planner can be an excellent guide to managing the event. If a planner is not in the budget, you will have to plan the wedding for yourself.
The first decision you will have to make is the type of wedding you will host. Some weddings are elaborate, and some are simple. The kind of wedding you will host will depend on your budget.
Some couples may not have the budget to afford an elaborate wedding, so they will need to plan the wedding on their own. Here are some simple ideas that you can do yourself.
It would be best if you decided how many guests you will invite to the Simple DIY wedding, and you will be able to determine the number of guest tables. Collect small glass vases and fill the vases with fresh pre-made bouquets. Cut the bouquets to fit the vases and display the vases on each guest table.
Hire a caterer for the food and use the buffet-style for the table service. If you cannot afford to cater to the food, ask friends and family to prepare the food. Food stations can make the event fun by having a different type of food for each food station.
A wedding dress does not have to be fancy. The clothing you choose should fit you well. You can buy a white dress from any store. If you want a fancy dress, try shopping at a second-hand store or a discount store. The right jewelry will help, too, dressed up any outfit.

Hire a DJ and work with the company to select the music you like to entertain the guest at the Simple DIY wedding.