Many brides will be planning a wedding this year and since it is traditional for a bride to carry a wedding bouquet here are some tips on how to select the right floral bouquet.

1. Choose a bouquet that will compliment your dress or theme of your wedding. If your have a dress that is modern or has a theme that is Art deco a bouquet with Calla lilies will compliment your theme.

2. Make sure the bouquet is in proportion with your body. If your have a tiny frame your bouquet shouldn’t wear you you should wear your bouquet. Don’t choose a large bouquet that will over powers your frame.

3. If your dress has bling on it incorporate some jewelry in your bouquet to set it off. A bouquet with bling will also look great in photos.

4. If you are using white flowers use different tones and textures of white so that your bouquet does not disappear when held against your dress.