The weather is getting colder now, so it is time to start thinking about winter outdoor planters. In Toronto, the winters are frigid, so most plants are dominant except for evergreen plants. 

Since the winter is not suitable for outdoor flowering plants or most outdoor green plants, there is not much greenery to soften the landscaping. For this reason, it is good to have winter planters around the outdoor environment. 

Winter outdoor planters in Toronto are usually designed with evergreens, branches, berries, pinecones, and seasonal accessories. Container gardens come in many shapes and seize, but no matter what form or take, the planter you buy will beautify the outdoor space.

A good designer will design planters to complement the outdoor spaces with beautifully designed seasonal winter planters. Winter planters are created in many colors.

Most people are partial to traditional colors, but we at Mondu also like to work with trendy colors such as pinks, blues, and purple.

Our winter outdoor planters consist of grapevine ball, exotic branches, large pinecones, beautiful ornaments, and moss balls, to list a few of the material we use in our planters. Our planters’ starting point is a mixture of winter greens, such as cedar, magnolia, spruce, and blueberry sticks.

The best color combination is a monochromatic Christmas scene because the color complements each other, and the arrangement flows together. For the Christmas season, gold and silver are the right combinations.

After Christmas, remove the Christmas colors after early January to keep the planters looking seasonal. You will need to replace the Christmas ornament in the winter planters early in January.

In the spring, You need to replace the winter materials should be replaced with spring plants. It is best to consult with a professional about seasonal planters. 

Winter outdoor planters in Toronto starting in November after Halloween, so book delivery and set up a time to beautify your outdoor space.