Weekly flowers and corporate flower subscription

Weekly flowers and corporate flower subscription.

Weekly fresh flower subscription for corporate spaces and homes. Weekly flowers, biweekly flowers, or monthly corporate subscription flowers

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Subscription flowers, What makes a great first impression when a client steps into your head office or corporate space? Flowers and plant arrangements. Dress your office with flowers that say we are professionals, upscale, modern, and confident. At Mondu, we specialize in high-end corporate flowers. We will set up an appointment with your office manager so we can consult about your floral organizational needs.

Every corporate space has a personality, brand, as well as a culture. We will design high-end florals that suit the colors and taste of your brand. Is your brand message loud and masculine? We will create flowers with sharp architectural lines. Is your target demographic women? Mondu will design the right corporate flowers that convey a soft feminine floral look that will wow your customers and staff.

Depending on your budget, we provide the following weekly flowers and corporate flower subscriptions to suit your needs. Below are a few subscription flower options. No matter what option you choose for your floral display, each option we have suggested will help to enhance your corporate brand.

Weekly flowers 
Mondu will create weekly flowers with high-end, luxurious flowers on a weekly basis to display at your work, office, or home. Every Monday or on the first day after a long weekend, Mondu will deliver a fresh flower arrangement with beautiful, artistic, contemporary flowers. We rotate our vases every week, so you never have to worry about washing a dirty container.

Fabulous bi-weekly flowers 

Perhaps you realize the value of a great first impression and want to order weekly flowers and a corporate flower subscription for your reception desk. If weekly subscription flowers aren’t in the budget, why not consider biweekly flowers for display? Perfectly designed, our biweekly flowers will set your reception desk off every week with fresh, beautiful flowers.

Stunning monthly flowers
The longevity of most flowers is one to two weeks, so fresh flowers wouldn’t be the best option for a monthly flower subscription. Orchid planters though would be a fantastic choice for monthly flowers. Orchid plants are elegant and stunning, and they will keep their blooms for a month. Orchid plants are easy to care for. Just water the planters once every two weeks and keep the plant out of the direct sun.