Sympathy flowers

Funeral arrangement for a memorial

Sympathy flowers what to order? Sympathy flowers can be difficult to navigate in times of grief and sorrow. In this article, we will help you to select the right funeral arrangements for your loved one.

Your Toronto florist should be used as a guide to help the family of the deceased to select the appropriate funeral arrangement. Keep in mind the floral taste and personality of your loved one when selecting the flower arrangements.

Floral Services from a Scarborough florist near you or an online florist will deliver and set up the floral arrangements for the funeral. Sympathy flowers delivery should be set up one hour before the family arrives at the funeral home of the church. After the service is over the funeral home will deliver the flowers that the family wants to leave at the cemetery to the last resting place.

Funeral flowers

There are many different types of funeral arrangements to order when planning a funeral.  The family of the decease will order the main high-end sympathy flower arrangements for the funeral. Some funeral arrangements to consider are casket sprays and co-coordinating pieces such as vase arrangement.

These arrangements should be designed with the same flowers which create a cohesive look. As a result, the funeral flowers will look like you put a lot of thought into planning the floral arrangements. The family may also order single roses for the final good buy at the funeral before the casket goes into the ground.

Casket flowers

Casket spray

Casket flowers are large flower arrangements that sit on top of the casket spray. These arrangements can be displayed on a closed casket or an open casket display. Sympathy flowers can be designed in many styles, tradition, modern, artistic, architectural, classic, and trailing. Flower selection can be anything from seasonal to imported blooms.

Standing spray

Standing spray is a funeral arrangement that is displayed standing up on a stand. There are many seize of standing sprays that you may choose. Depending on your budget you can select small, medium, or large. The flowers you select will also determine the price of the flowers.


Lush funeral wreath

A wreath is a round sympathy arrangement that is shaped like a donut. The flowers for a wreath are displayed in fresh floral foam.  All the flowers are designed on the front side only. Funeral wreaths are displayed on a standing spray.


Large funeral cross

A funeral cross is an arrangement that is shaped like a cross. Cross arrangements are usually lush flower arrangements. These designs can be designed with high-end contemporary flowers or traditional flowers like mums and carnations.

Vase arrangements

Vase arrangements

Vase arrangements are usually designed in a glass vase. These designs come in many different sizes and budgets. Fresh flowers are enjoyable to everyone and will help to calm the hearts of the bereaved.

Basket arrangement

Large sympathy basket arrangement.

Basket flower arrangements are usually large floral displays created with fresh flowers. To give large flower arrangements interest it is best to use different sizes and textures for the flower selections of the arrangement. Using two or three foliage for the fresh flower arrangement will create interest.


High-end fresh funeral vase arrangement.

Memorial celebration has no caskets. These sympathy flower arrangements are designed for a cremation ceremony. Vase arrangements are the best selection for this type of funeral.

Reception flowers

Low compact sympathy vase arrangement.

After the funeral is finished the family of the deceased will have a reception for the attendant. For sit down receptions, centerpieces should be designed for the tables, buffets, Cruzer tables, and washroom arrangement. Fresh flower delivery in the Gta is offered by most florists.

Large lush funeral heart.

Heart arrangements

Heart shape form is another type of flower arrangement that is often requested for funeral arrangements. This type of arrangement is a good option for a child’s funeral. The heart shape wreath can be a solid heart or an open heart.


The Rosey is created using roses and is placed in the caskets. Each rose is cut short and clipped in place. This type of arrangement looks like a large necklace that is make from roses when it is finished.