The sunflower’s origin
The sunflower originates from North and South America. Native Americans ate the flower’s seeds with beans, sweetcorn and squashes,

The sunflower’s colours and shapes
We particularly know the sunflower as a yellow beauty, but there are also orange, brown, cream and dark red versions. There’s also plenty of variety when it comes to shape: there are sunflowers with large or small flowers, with a single row of petals or with multiple rings of petals.

Caring for sunflowers
•    Trim the stems diagonally.
•    Remove surplus leaves from the stems.
•    Place the flowers in a clean vase – preferably glass – with tap water at room temperature.
•    Add some cut flower food.
•    Regularly top the vase up, because sunflowers are thirsty.
•    Place the vase in a cool spot away from the fruit bowl and not in full sun.
•    Allow for the weight of the sunflowers, so choose a sturdy vase.

Sunflower symbolism
The sunflower often symbolises the sun and love. In Greek mythology the nymph Clytia fell head over heels in love with the sun god Apollo. Although Clytia was very beautiful, Apollo did not reciprocate her love. As a result Clytia died of a broken heart, was transformed into a sunflower and therefore constantly follows the sun in order to be able to see her sun god.