It was definitely an affair to remember for the 20 guests who attended Jennifer Wiens and Paul McMurty’s wedding at The Ranche Restaurant, a historical home surrounded by a gorgeous backdrop.

In addition to the intimate atmosphere, Jennifer and Paul played with their personalized theme and incorporated plenty of homemade elements.

“Paul made the cake, I decorated the flower pots, and our favors were CDs filled with music that reflects the past four years of our lives together,” Jennifer explains. “We also made a guest book for guests to write their wishes and asked them to drop their wishes in a box. We don’t plan on reading them until our first anniversary.”

To make their occasion even more memorable, they both chose their grandmothers to stand up with them in place of a full bridal party.

“It was a wonderful day with close family and friends. There were a lot of tears and a lot of laughter,” Jennifer concludes. “We feel blessed to have found each other and have to have spent one of the most important days of our lives with the people that have helped shape our relationship.”

Romantic Rendezvous

Wedding bells feature.