Purple is a royal color, but it also means dignity, pride, and success. Today we have many more choices when it comes to purple flowers. If you plan an event or have an occasion that requires some purple flowers, here are some options. Fresh flowers can help tie in a theme for an event, and flowers will help make a room bright and fresh.

Many flowers come in the color purple. Imported purple hydrangeas from Europe and South America are large and have many small petals that makeup one stem. Some purple hydrangeas are grown in Canada and locally here in Ontario. Stocks are available in purple as well. These flowers are delicate and beautiful.

Purple roses are trendy for wedding seasons. These roses beautiful when they open and will help to create a lovely centerpiece. Delphiniums are tall flowers with many small blooms on one stem. These flowers are the right choice for a large arrangement for a wedding ceremony or a hotel.
Purple dendrobiums and Mocara orchids are exotic and unique choices for modern or contemporary flower arrangements.

Statics are filler flowers arranged between roses or fresh-cut bouquets to give the bouquet interest. Purple carnations are also traditional flowers, but they are suitable for funeral arrangements. All these flowers are good choices for mixed purple flower arrangements.

Lizianthus is a flower with peppery petals; these flowers are tall and have more than one shoot on a stem. Limonium is a filler flower that is used in an arrangement to add interest.

This list of purple flowers is what is available now on the market, but I am sure there will be more variety coming soon.