Peacock feathers

Exotic peacock feathers.

Being a designer, you get to express your creativity with flowers and accessories. Peacock feathers are an accessory that brings a flower arrangement to another level.

As a floral designer, you get to design all kinds of flower arrangements for many different occasions every day. We florists get to express people’s emotions every day with our local fresh flower delivery.

We like peacock feathers because the colors are beautiful and they have a lot of character. Peacock feathers are tall, elegant feathers that come from the peacock bird.

The top of the feather is round in shape, and spikes spiral from the center of the feather’s top. The colors are blue, gold, purple, orange, red, taupe, and green. All these colors are on one feather, isn’t that amazing.

The peacock is native to Africa, Myanmar and Java, Sri Lanka, and India. The female is called a peacock, and the male is called a peafowl. The feathers take up a large portion of the bird`s body. The fan or train is used to attract the opposite sex.

When the bird opens its peacock feathers, it fans out in a large spectacular fan shape. It is a beautiful site to see.

The feathers are striking in dried arrangements and event flowers.
A lovely floral combination for a flower arrangement would include blue hydrangeas, roses, orchids, and delphiniums with peacock feathers.

Another idea for an arrangement with the feathers is a pew arrangement for a wedding. Use a few feathers, some fresh flowers in a hand-tied bouquet, and add an arrangement to each pew.

The feathers can be displayed on their own in a tall cylinder vase with some rock at the vase base; because of the colors, this feather is a good recommendation for a flower arrangement designed for a baby boy christening party.