Modern floral arrangements

Modern flower arrangements

Fresh modern flower arrangement.

Today’s modern florists create modern flower arrangements in many different decorative styles and methods. Modern flowers can be as simple as a few stems of Callas in a bubble vase with grass or one type of flowers clustered in a vase.

The key to designing a modern flower arrangement is the color combination, simplicity, and clear lines. Some high-end contemporary modern flowers used to design high-end flower arrangements are orchids, Callas, garden roses, hydrangeas, etc

Vase lined with greens

A good starting point when creating a modern floral design is the choice of the vessel. One method to create a clean line concept is to hide the stems of the flowers and greens by lining the glass vase with large green leaves. Some examples of large leaves are monster leaves and thai leaves. Fresh flowers are an excellent choice for getting well soon flowers, Luxurious flowers, and Highend flowers in Toronto.

Single bloom arrangements

Another example of a modern artistic flower arrangement is an arrangement designed with all the same flowers. This type of method, although simple, makes a bold statement when done right. High-end single bloom arrangements are quite striking when more than one vase is displayed in a group.

Orchids and succulents

Simple but elegant flowers such as orchids and succulents plants are a beautiful combination. Orchids are the most beautiful flowers in the world. You can never go wrong with orchid arrangements. Orchids are incredibly high-end and luxurious. We often use orchids for corporate flowers.

Structured floral design

Modern flower arrangements, such as formal vase arrangements, are architectural floral designs with distinct lines. An example of a structured vase arrangement or bouquet is a vase designed with phalaenopsis orchids on one side and succulents on another side. Add some roses in the center of the arrangement and loop some grass through the design and the arrangement will wow onlookers. Arrangements with sharp architectural lines are brilliant when displayed in hotel lobbies and office buildings.

Clustered arrangements

Monochromatic modern flower arrangements are quite striking. Clustered arrangements such as a grouping of roses or a cluster of roses in a repetitive effect are easy on the eyes. The monochromatic color scheme is contemporary and fits in any space. As Toronto florist, we are fortunate to have beautiful flowers and design styles to draw on for inspiration when creating our lovely flower arrangements.