Long-lasting flowers

Long-lasting flowers

How to care for flowers.

Long-lasting flowers are a beautiful perishable product that we all enjoy receiving and giving. The average price for a small high-end bouquet is around one hundred dollars. A few necessary steps are essential to ensure the flowers’ longevity, such as a clean vase, high-end flowers, and proper care if you want the bouquet to last long.

For a bouquet to last long, it is essential to start with the freshest and best quality long lasting flowers. The newer the flowers, the longer the arrangement will last. When we ship products to a customer, the customer will need to condition the bouquet when they receive the flowers.

Once the fresh-cut bouquet reaches its destination, it is important to cut each flower and greens on a slant before placing the flowers in the vase of water.

The essential step in preserving fresh flowers is cleaning the vase. The best way to clean a vase is by using bleach. Using bleach to clean a dirty vase will kill harmful bacteria that will shorten the flowers’ life.

Sunlight will help make flowering plants bloom, but once you cut the blooming flowers, placing fresh flowers in a vase in direct sun will significantly shorten the flowers’ lives. When displayed in space, fresh, long-lasting flowers should be displayed in an area away from direct sunlight.

Flower food is made of industry specialize ingredients that help fresh flowers last longer. Without flower food, the vase life of a bouquet will last under seven days.

Freshwater is vital for the vase life of fresh-cut flowers. Imagine how healthy you would be if you drank dirty bacterial water day after day. You would not be extremely healthy. Flowers are no different; for an arrangement to last long, fresh flowers will need fresh water, or the flowers will die.