Indoor house plant

House plants

Indoor house plants are plants that thrive inside or indoors. These plants do not need direct sun to grow. Most indoor plants need to be watered once per week. Here are some indoor house plants that are good for indoor spaces and avaailable at your local Toronto florist.

Peace Lilly
Peace Lilly is a plant with delicate oval leaves. The leaves are on the top of the stems. The flowers are forming to the touch, and the shape of the leave is heart-shaped. The color of the flowers is white.

Jade plant
Jade plant is a beautiful house plant that is easy and cares free. This plant
needs bright light to thrive. Water the plant when it dries out. The plant is also called the money tree, and the plant is considered lucky.

This exotic plant can be tricky to care for if you don’t follow proper care. Bromeliads an indoor house plants come in many different colors and seize. Water the plant once per week. The best way to water this plant is to put water at the base of the plant. When the water is no longer in the vase of the plant, add more water. Medium to bright light is best.

Zee Zee plants
We love the Zee Zee plant because it is tough to kill this plant. You can neglect this plant, and its spring back after watering. The Zee Zee plant needs low light to bright light to thrive. The plant should be watered once per month, depending on the room temperature. If the room is hot, the plant will need water more often. The zee zee plant is a touch indoor house plants.

Phalaenopsis orchid plant
The Phalaenopsis orchid is a beautiful house plant. A bright light location is best for this plant. The common name for this plant is the Moth plant. The plant is available all year. This plant is elegant and luxurious and will last up to three months. Once the plant dies, the plant will bloom again in six months.