When it comes time to planting summer plants here are somethings to consider.

  1. Before you buy plants research what type of plants are ideal for the location you will be planting the plants. Not all plants take full sun so if you have a shady area don’t buy full sun plants because they won’t bloom.
  2. Chose plants that compliment each other. Your planter will be stunning if you use 2 of the same colors rather than a whole bunch of colors.
  3. What type of soil is ideal for the planter. Use soil that is compatible with the plants you will use in the planter to help the plants thrive.
  4. Most summer planters will need to be watered every day but if you plant a succulent garden don’t over-water the plants because too much water will course the plants to root.
How to Take Care of Summer Planters

How to Take Care of Summer Planters