How to dry flowers

Dried flowers delivered

Dried flowers are another option to fresh flower delivery and silk flowers or real touch flowers. If you are looking for a flower arrangement for your home or office consider buying a dried flower arrangement and you can follow these instructions on how to preserve flowers. Today there are many varieties of preserve flowers to choose from when designing a flower arrangement. You can design any arrangement for any room in any space. Permanent flowers don’t need to be watered and the flower can be stored at any temperature.

I once sent a bunch of roses to a friend and see like them so much she preserved the flowers to preserve the bouquet. So how do you dry fresh flowers?

  1. Take each stem and separate them from the bouquet.
  2. Tie or wire each stem with a long piece to wire or string.
  3. Make a close line and hang each stem of flower upside down and let the flowers dry out completely.
  4. When the flowers are dried make your arrangement.