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A hand-tied bouquet is a spiral bouquet that is designed in the hand. The concept was created in Europe. This design is created using cut flowers, greens, and bound with string or ribbon. If you want to send flowers in Toronto a hand-tied bouquet and flower delivery online is a good option.

Think of the vase that you will use for displaying the vase arrangement. If your vase is small, order a small bouquet to fit in the vase. Similarly, if the vase is large you will need to order a large bouquet. The best florist will provide the best flower delivery in Toronto.

When a recipient receives the bouquet the water tubes or paper should be removed from the bottom of the stems, and placed in a clean vase of water. The #handtiedbouquet will last for five to seven days. In order to maintain the life of the flowers, the vase water should be changed every two to three days. Keep the flowers out of the sun for longevity. Using flower food will also help to strengthen the life of the blooms. Cut woody stem up the center to help the stems drink more water.

The best flower delivery in Toronto will be able to fill an order for a hand-tied bouquet.  If you want an order of cut flowers the best choice is a hand-tied bouquet because the flowers are professionally designed by a florist. The season why a hand-tied bouquet is recommended is because when you send flowers in Toronto as a gift; the receiver of the flowers will have to take time to design the loose flowers. Loose flowers and arrangements for weekly delivery can be arranged as a flower subscription. Mondu flower subscriptions include flower club of the month and happy wife happy life.

A beautiful handtiedbouquet for spring flowers can include 5 stems of tulips, 3 stems of hydrangeas, 3 stems of viburnum, 3 stems of lilac, and 5 stems of ranunculus. Start the bouquet with the hydrangeas, add the viburnums, and spread them out. Add the lilac next and group the Ranunculus and the tulips in two different parts of the bouquet.

Handtied bouquets and flower delivery online can be created with fresh, dried, and silk flowers. Bouquets can be round, architectural, linear, and rectangular. Hand-tied bouquets are a good option also for corporate flower bouquets. You can send flowers online from our corporate flowers and gift delivery programs.