Garland tabletop flowers

Fresh flowers
Garland tabletop fresh flowers. Fresh flower arrangements are created to make us feel better. Who isn’t happy to receive a new cut bouquet hand-delivered from a local florist? Garland tabletop fresh flower arrangement is an elegant flower display that runs along the table’s center to create a spectacular show.

We designed an event for a client who wants to plan a party for a family gets together. After a walk through the event space, we decided to create flower arrangements that were luxurious and elegant.

For the mantel, we used low silver containers as the base of our floral arrangements. We used two different sizes and height to create movement and repetition.

Our flowers’ choice includes luxurious flowers such as pink hydrangeas, cymbidium orchids, garden roses, and spray roses. The style of design that we used was compact.

We selected a garland table top runner flower arrangement as the centerpiece for the center table or dinner table arrangement.
A garland flower arrangement is an arrangement made with fresh flowers wired together to create a garland.

The flower arrangement is displayed along the center of the table and can drape off the table’s end.
On the railing, we used a flower garland and draped it on the bar. The bathroom arrangement was small but luxurious.

We designed the bathroom arrangements with peonies and garden roses.
The garland table top flower arrangement’s richness comes from the gorgeous, luxurious flowers and the luscious flowers we use.

For the front door, we created a beautiful silk wreath to hang on the door. In the arrangement, we added to the flower’s small grapevine balls.
We also created two fashionable outdoor urns for the front of the door. Flowers at so much to our lives/ I always feel special when I walk into a room with flowers.