Planning an event with event flowers can be so… exciting but it can be stressful as well. There are so many different aspects that need to be addressed in order to have a successful event. We will break down the steps here that your event planners will supervise.

Sophie’s event is in Toronto. Her sixteenth birthday is coming up, and her parents are planning a big celebration for her birthday. Sophie’s mom will need to hire a good event planner to guide her daughter’s dream party into existence.

The expertise of an event planner will help to bring the party to fruition. Once the budget is decided, it is time to start planning your party. As the host, you will need to begin the planning process by first hand-picking a theme. The following vendors will be essential for party planning.

1. A theme

The theme of the party will set the tone for the overall event. Sophie really wants to have bubble gum pink as the theme for her birthday. After all, pink is her favorite color. She wants an explosion of pink throughout the event; bubble gum pink to be exact.  The color of the affair will be featured in all aspects of the celebration and will create a memorable occasion.

 2. Invitation

The invitation or save the date will have an introduction to the event. The card stock should be pink, and the font and graphics should hint at your bubble gum theme. A nice touch to add to the invitation is a fragrance of bubble gum.

3. Venue

Before a location is chosen to hold the party, think about the needs of your guest. If there are guests invited to the event, that need wheelchair access, enquire about this service. The venue should be able to accommodate all your guests. 

The location of the party should be easy to locate and should suit the theme. Find out if the venue serves alcohol and will you need a liquor license to serve alcohol at the site. How many washrooms does the location have? You don’t want your guest to form a long line to use the bathroom because there aren’t enough washrooms. Do you need to rent flatware? Linens, chair covers, table cloths, Cruzer tables, etc

4. Décor

The right décor will pull everything together. A good décor company will provide a concept that will impress. Satin and chiffon backdrops with pearls will look fabulous. The draping, table cloths, chargers, table numbers, runners, chair covers, and flowers will create a beautiful ensemble.

5. Flowers

Event flowers will help to bring the entire theme together. With so many different shades and tones of pink flowers available, your florist can create a monochromatic color scheme to create the bubble gum theme. Consider using pink pearls to line your vase of flowers to tie in the concept.

6. Catering

Please work with your caterer to select some of your daughter’s favorite foods; it is her party after all. Also, choose foods that will be enjoyable for your guest. Good food and drink are some of the memorable parts of any event. You must also select the type of table service that is used for serving the cuisine. Here are some examples of table service to choose for your party. American Service, English Service, French Service, Russian Service, Buffet Service and Family Style Service

7. Music and entertainment

What entertainment is right for your event? If a DJ is selected, you should sit down with the DJ to choose the type of music the company will play. A band is a right choice if you want live music. Please go and check out the band and DJ before you hire them to make sure you select the right company. You want your partakers to have a ball.

8. Cake

Make an appointment to taste samples of the pastry chief offering before you order the cakes and pastries. A birthday cake can be simple or usual, Genoise, angel food cake, Chiffon cake, chocolate glazed chocolate mousse cake, cheesecake, and black forest cake are some cake we recommend. French deserts are always a crowd-pleaser. Here are some French pastries to consider, Crème Brûlée, Financiers, Macaroons, Éclairs, Crepes, Canelé Millefeuilles 

9. Lighting

Lighting is very important. You need to consider how you want to use lighting to make a statement. There should be lighting on the tables to highlight the event flower centerpieces. The backdrop will need uplighting since the dominant color for the event is pink, use pink lighting to flood the room. Strategically use lighting to highlight the focal point in the venue. Some other lighting option to contemplate is led lighting, spotlighting, pin lighting, centerpiece lighting, and tea light

10. Photography

A good photographer will capture memorable moments that will last for years. Photography can be simple or elaborate. If you have a red carpet at your party; use a step and repeat photo backdrop with the theme of the event printed on the backdrop. Renting a photo booth is also a good idea and is always a big hit,


Using a videographer to artistically produce your video production will capture the special moments. Having a video to document the day will capture moments to be enjoyed for years to come. If you don’t have a videographer that you know your planner will recommend one.

12. Gift bags

Your gift bags can consist of anything that is within the budget. Incorporate items that will be enjoyable for the guest. Some gifts to consider are perfumes, candy, chocolates, makeup, jewelry, gift certificates, etc

13. Moneybox

The moneybox will hold the envelopes of money that the guest will gift the hostess. Choose someone that you trust to watch over the money box. You don’t want someone to walk off with the box.

14. Gift table

A good idea for the gift table is a glass or crystal table. Get your décor company to create an amazing table to hold the gift for the event.

15. Dessert table

Consider using different candy and bubble gum to add to your dessert table. Display the sweets on different levels to create a wow effect. Use glass jars to display the candy and other unusual containers.