Have you ever received or bought a rose and it didn’t open? There could be several reasons why a rose doesn’t open.

1. The guard petal has not been removed. When you take off the first layer of the petal on the outside of a rose it starts to bloom faster.

2. The vase is dirty. Bactria will shorten the life of the flower it may also prevent the rose from blooming. Make sure you wash your container with bleach and rinse the vase well before you place your flowers in the vase.

3. Too many of the outer petals have been removed so the rose is not able to bloom. When you buy your rose don’t buy roses that look like a bullet buy roses that are full and lush.

4. The rose has not been treated properly. You must follow proper care instructions in order for flowers to last and bloom.

5. The temperature in the room is too cold for the flower to open. Make sure you place your flowers at room temperature.