The art of the compact bouquet

Compact flower bouquet

Flowers arranging has come a long way. In the past, the ideal flower arrangement was a triangle style fresh flower arrangements designed with carnations, mums, roses, and leader fern. Florist designed the triangle style flower arrangement in floral foam.

Today flowers are more stylish. The Triangle arrangement is not fashionable anymore. This style of flower arrangement is only used for funeral flower arrangements in traditional flower shops.

The art of the compact bouquet originates in Holland. The Dutch are very good at making this style of arrangement. Flowers in Holland is like second nature to the Dutch people.

The largest flower market in the world is located in Holland. The flower selection is massive, and it can be hard to choose from such a large variety of flowers if you are a florist. Fresh flowers are arriving every day, so the quality of the flowers is very fresh.

To create a hand-tied bouquet, start with flowers and greens, preferable complimentary colors. The art of the compact bouquet may also include branches.

Once you have selected the bouquet’s flowers and foliage, arrange all of the blooms and greens in a spiral. All of the stems of the flowers and foliage should be put in the same direction, in your hand.

Once you finish arranging the bouquet, tie the flowers with some ribbon string and cut all the flowers the same length.

If the spiral bouquet technique is designed correctly, the bouquet should stand on its flat surface. You can display the bouquet standing up in a low container. Another vessel you can use to display the artistic compact bouquet to showcase the flowers is a simple glass vase.

You can arrange a compact hand-tied bouquet in the compact style, modern or architectural design. These arrangements can be arranged and delivered to any recipient in the Greater Toronto area or GTA florist.

Artistic bouquets can also enhance an event like a birthday celebration. The art of the compact bouquet can be used in ant event style.