Summer planters


Summer planters for Torono’d home and business are a beautiful way to jazz up your front door. If you are looking for a floral designer tin Toronto to design your summer planters or outdoor urns, here is some information that you will have to provide your local floral designer or landscaper.


If you have planters already make sure that the planters are to scale with space where you will display the planters. In other words, if you have a large front door area your planters should be large, no matter what style or shape of the planter or outdoor urn.

I have seen clients with tiny planters in a large space and the planters disappear in the space because they are not to scale. When purchasing planters have your designer access the area first before they buy the planters so they can buy the right planters for your space.


The best part about designing planters is selecting the plants. Some variety of plants for summer planters include topiaries, trailing plants, and upright plants. Some suggestions for topiary plants are  Mandeville, gardenias, Fushi’s, etc.

Trailing plant’s suggestions are Bougainvillea, ivy, bluebells, upright plants such as begonias, lavender, salvia, etc, There are so many amazing summer plants to choose from just visit your local flower shop or garden center and they will help you to choose the right product for the planters.


It doesn’t matter how beautiful the plants are that you select if the plants are not getting the right light they will not survive or thrive. If you don’t know what plants you should select for your planters as a professional landscaper or florist.


Watering requirements for summer planters are every day. Of course, if it is rains and the planters are receiving rainwater you shouldn’t water the planters that day. Water is also important to release the fertilizer in the plant to help them grow.


Plant fertilizer is important because it contains nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium that can be depleted in the soil over time. Fertilizers provide plants with nutrients to give important components found naturally in the soil. So if you want your planter to bloom well don’t forget to use fertilizer.