Rememberance Day flowers

Remembrance Day flowers

Remembrance Day is November 11 every year. It is a day when we remember all those who lost their lives so we can peace and freedom.
Many young men went to war and never came back to their friends and family. They made the greatest sacrifice by giving their lives in battle.

We mustn’t forget what these men and women have done for their fellow men. The poppy flower is a symbol of remembrance day, and we should always buy a poppy and wear it to remember the veterans.

Many private ceremonies are planned in Toronto to observe remembrance day. The government of the city of Toronto to mark the remembrance celebration. The government also plans remembrance ceremonies and is broadcasted on television.

The veterans from Canada will travel to Europe to observe remembrance Day because Canadian soldiers help free some European countries. They often lay wreath of remembrance day flowers.

Flowers are a big part of this celebration. Usually, in Canada, a wreath is used for the ceremony. The florist can make the wreath with many different types of flowers. Red, purple, blue, and white is the right color for the wreath.

Your l Rembere can design the remembrance day wreath. Don’t forget to ask the florists to supply you with a stand or an easel to display the wreath. The wreath won’t stand on its own.

The florist may use fresh flowers or silk flowers to make the wreath. Consider silk poppy flowers if silk is the best option for the wreath. Fresh poppies won’t last long, so it isn’t a good option for the remembrance day wreath.

The fresh flowers will last for a few days in the wreath, even if you don’t water the flowers. The silk flower wreath will last several years. Once the ceremony is finished, wrap the wreath in a plastic bag, and it will be good to go next year.